Have you ever thought of healing yourself just by listening music? Do you know the effect of the moon on a body? Sounds weird, isn’t it? Now I am going to take you to the different world of scientific healing. 

In our school days, we have read how the moon influences sea water causing high tide and low tide. Now let me tell you how the moon affects your body. Stay with me for more 5 min and you will surely enjoy this scientific healing process.

Recollect the rituals we perform during full moon day. Why do we do that? Because it is a special time, especially for those who are following a spiritual path that gives them a special connection to the moon. Ancient sages have given enormous importance to the moon in the development of psychological personality.

Moon governs living and non-living entities on earth with the help of sound frequency. These frequencies control human emotions and feelings. Astonished? Have some question to ask? Wait!

Hold on to your seat and read further for the more amusing ride. Have you ever done something that you immediately regretted and thought, “that’s not like me.”

It indicates the moon frequency is lacking. It is known fact that Hormones and Menstrual cycles are governed by the moon. Moon is considered to be a natural benefit to the mankind capable of giving mental strength and prosperity. Moon help you to grow spiritually. If you dig further, you will find that specific frequency can alter, change and manipulate your mood, heartbeat, blood flow, adrenalin, entrain brainwave states, aid relaxation, aid tranquillity, aid pain management, aid stress, help fight addictions and much more.

If you have read until this point, then you seem interested in knowing what to do next to heal using moon frequency. In our day to day hectic life, we fail to get moon frequency. Wellness-Vibe has introduced powerful healing moon frequencies, just by listening to it you draw enormous benefit. This moon frequency is the scientific way to stay positive in our hectic life.

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Stay tuned! Stay Positive!