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RFT and Brainwave Entrainment

Science has proven that sound or vibration produced has a strong impact upon human being. Scientist are now finding the resonant frequency of organs in order to help vibrate them back into healthy state. This has given amazing result throughout the world. And now we are bringing thing technology for social wellness.

Rivesh Vade

Chakara Tuning

Chakra tuning helps in shifting energy patterns. It ensures that you stay grounded. It has the ability to refine one’s communication skills. It also helps in clearing out energy blockages.

Rivesh Vade

Communication skills

Now enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication. Teamwork assignments never looked this easy. Fear of language will be a thing of the past.

Rivesh Vade

SSE & Intimacy

This will help you energize your sexual life. Developing intimate relationships has now become easy. Lead a stress free life.

Rivesh Vade

Super learning

You can now clear all your unwanted blockages and stuck emotions. Experience the super grasping power. It is a must have for artists and musicians to reach their creativity zones.

Rivesh Vade

Super Sales

Marketing and sales will soon be a cake walk. Be prepared to welcome new and better opportunities. Attain early growth in your hardcore sales process and gain handsome incentives.

Rivesh Vade

Super Self

It is time to reduce tensions and focus on positive thoughts. Get relieved of emotional stress by maintaining a healthy energy flow throughout the body.

Rivesh Vade

Weight Loss

Get acquitted from weight-related medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, High blood pressure and certain cancers. It is time to attain a balance and clear all negative frequencies.